Which Type of Fireplace is Right for you?

Do you want to burn wood, gas or do you just want the ambiance of a fireplace ?



If you would like a wood burning fireplace they do require a standard chimney. There are masonry built wood burning fireplaces as well as manufactured wood burning fireboxes. Wood burning fireplaces have the option of utilizing a log lighter (gas assist) or, in most cases, can be converted to use gas logs or contemporary gas burner. 


      Vent Free Fireplaces

For many households, efficiency is key. A "vent free" or "un-vented" fireplace eliminates the need for venting by drawing air from inside your  home for combustion and with out any outside venting all of the heat stays within your home.

       Direct Vent Fireplaces 

Direct Vent Fireplaces do not require a chimney and can be vented directly through a wall or roof. The direct vent draws combustion air from outside the home while also venting to the outside  - thereby not consuming air within the home. Direct venting eliminates drafts and does not experience the heat loss associated with a standard chimney.

Electric Fireplaces:

If you are looking for the ambiance of a fireplace and as much convenience as possible an Electric Fireplace may be the right choice for you. Electric Fireplaces do not require venting or access to a gas line. They work by using a standard outlet. and create a realistic electronic simulated fire. Electric fireplaces also have built in heaters that work independent of the simulated fire so it can be enjoyed year round.