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Wednesday, March 27th / 10am - 5pm 

You are invited to our first Meet & Greet where we will

have, for one day only, the designer of 

East Coast Mantels as we are excited to be

the only distributor in the state of Georgia.  We have

been hard at work renovating and updating our

showroom and adding some new exciting lines like

East Coast Mantels to our amazing collection.

Each mantel is cast stone and manufactured in

New Jersey with true English craftsmanship

with over 35+ profiles to choose from.  

This day will be a great day to stop by and admire

some of the pieces that we have.

* ONE DAY RAFFLE drawn on this day for a

$1,000 Gift Certificate

towards a purchase of an East Coast Mantel.

* $150 Gift Certificate

will be given for anyone who comes in


that will go towards a purchase of an

East Coast Mantel within the year of 2024

** for everyone who attends please make sure you collect your raffle ticket from David or East Coast Mantels**

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